Dr. Sudhansu Sekhar Tripathy, PhD, DSc
President, The Uranium

(Formerly Senior Reader in Chemistry, Ravenshaw College, Cuttack).... Read More


Dear Readers,
I feel that the readers of this e-book will be mostly students and may be a few chemistry teachers. I have type-written all the topics myself directly in a document software (Pagemaker with which I am familiar) without any volume constraint in mind, as this was going to be a freely downloadable e-book for all. I have thought several times during the long span of teaching career in Ravenshaw College and also equally long years of post-voluntary retirement period as a coach for IIT/Medical aspirants, to author a text book in chemistry for +2 purpose. Somehow it could not materialise. May be the destiny was dragging me for the publication of this e-book to possibly benefit a larger cross section of readers. I dedicate this e-book (Concepts in Chemistry for class XI/1st yr. +2) to all the passionate students and learners. Wherever required I have borrowed pictures from Google search internet browsing. I am indeed grateful to Google for this.  Read More...

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